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UK Escort Gallery 1
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Escort Details
Escort's Name: Electra
Country: United Kingdom
Location: London Area - Central London
Establishment Name: Diva escort agency

Contact Information
Web URL:
Phone Number: 07796 833 583

Review Details
Date of Visit: 31/05/2013
Time of Visit: 12:00:00
Type of Visit: Outcall
Time Spent (in hrs): 9.00 hrs
Fee Paid: £800.00
Description of location: Top London 5* hotel
Age: 22-25
Hair colour: Blonde
Body Type: Petite
Height: 5'0" - 5'2"
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Description of escort: Attractive but looks nothing like photos on agency site
Description of events: As a new boy to escorting I decided to take the plunge when a date cancelled during a recent business trip, and I thought why the heck let the reservations and my enjoyment of the hotel go to waste? So I requested an overnight with Electra. In my mind's eye, I imagined dinner and drinks with the stunning lady advertised on Diva, pleasant small talk and great companionship that would result in a 'happy ending' come time to retire at the end of the night. Here's what I got… I made the request to meet Electra 10 days prior to the 'date' and confirmed as requested the day before and imparted that I'd dinner reservations. All well, and I was scheduled to meet Electra at my room at 8pm, for dinner at 8:30pm. I was ready come 8pm, and intended treating this just as I would a date with any other woman, and so no need for any more awkwardness than I would any female that I'd exchanged numbers with in a bar and arranged to meet again barely knowing. In fact that was how I intended to proceed with my overnight GFE experience. I fully intended to accord Electra the same respect and manners I would any woman I invited to dinner. Come 8:20pm and no Electra, I texted the agency to ask if I'd been stood-up?! They asked if she was with me yet and I could only rely "No". They then text's a few minutes later assuring me she was on her way and having difficultly finding me. I'd text's the agency earlier in the day giving directions to my room as it was out of the way, and in fairness to Electra they hadn't passed that information on. But 30mins to find a room?! That struck me as much as being late and having trouble finding me. Anyway, just before 8:30pm I got a knock at the door and opened it to Electra. I realise the agency photos are subject to a little airbrushing but Electra looks nothing like her photos, apart from being blonde maybe. That's not to say she's unattractive, because she is a pretty girl, but she just isn't the stunner in the photos. I wasn't greeted by a great big smile or any cordiality I thought would be part of the practised escorts repertoire in putting someone at ease, instead I got quite a cold person I thought. I paid her immediately, £800 as advertised for 9hrs on Diva, and invited her to count it so as to take care of business as soon as, which she did. Having accepted my money she then informed me she doesn't do dinner dates and while she would sit and watch me eat, she wasn't prepared to play ball and do likewise. This was a top London restaurant in a top London 5 star hotel. I wanted to enjoy the restaurant and here I was getting my first slap in the face of what Electra is, and is not prepared to do. And she was fully informed of my intention to expect her companionship at dinner by the agency. So already I'm disappointed, and she refuses to budge on the eating thing. On the way down in the lift she makes a quip about cutting my neck(!) I'm thinking did I hear right? You're making a 'joke' about slitting my throat?? I never did understand where that came from and given I was fully expecting to fall asleep with this woman I was hardly put at ease!! This however, was pretty typical of Electra' "social skills" I was to come to realise by the end of the night. Electra does not do the "escorting" in escort. She does however accept payment for it. So we go down to dinner and she bitches about how she hates doing dinner dates, like you know, I'm being completely unreasonable, and she knew nothing about it or something? I mean, I thought she might at least order a small salad and pick at it and leave most of it, but no. So I sat there and ordered and she accepted a glass of wine. We've dinners either side of us and Electra proceeds to merrily start talking about her agency and how she usually does girls, not guys (like I'm getting big favour and this is free or something?) and why did I pick her instead of the other girls…so now the tables on either side of me know I'm sitting with a escort. I could've wanted the floor to swallow me. .. I mean really?? I tried changing the subject and I'm used to small talk as part of my job but if this was a date with any other woman I'd be sitting there with a sinking heart feeling this is not going well at all. I felt like I was appeasing Electra on several occasions to get her to stay(!), or at least that was what it felt like. This was not what I was expecting at all. And in case you think I'm some fat old gargoyle, I'm far from that, which Electra conceded, happy to tell me (and anyone within earshot in the restaurant) that she only does overnights for her regulars, and if I'd opened the door and wasn't up to snuff (whatever her minimum requirements are to carry out a booking?) then she would've just walked away. That was me told. So I sat and ate, forcing conversation out of Electra whilst she drank wine and made it obvious she'd really rather not be there. It wasn't all bad, there periods of the conversation flowing, but really all Electra was interested in was getting back to the bedroom and getting down to business. Or it over and done with. I did want to have a drink in the hotel's bar after, as it has world wide reputation but Electra veto'd that and it was time to go back to my room apparently she'd decided, having done enough of that pretending to enjoy my small talk. Well…she didn't even pretend, I was being tolerated and knew it. Oh and she felt the need to tell me (once again in full ear shot of the restaurant and to the avid interest of the woman sitting just to her left) that she'd been to that particular hotel 20 times by her reckoning. I know what the woman does for a living, I don't see why she has to paint me a picture that I was cock number 21 she was about to bounce up and down at this venue? So we get to my room and we lie on the bed and chat and kiss and that was very nice and very enjoyable. In due course she got up to remove her clothes and I asked if I could undress her, being as how that's usually how it goes down on a date with a happy ending. No was her answer to that. Again, obviously a completely unreasonable request on my part. So we get to the main event and it was very enjoyable, I can't say she gave the impression of just going through the motions, hell maybe she did even enjoy herself, and eventually I pop my cork as the idiom goes. This is about midnight now. I had a wash as requested by her and we're back in bed now and now the room's too cold (something else to complain about) but it had been a warm day and I had the AC now, I can assure you it was nothing excessive. Now I'm hoping that after a breather we can have round two, I mean I've got until 5:30am by my reckoning, I mean I gave her £800 for 9hrs, and that's what you'd get right? Wrong. There was no round 2 as Electra now had a sore leg or some such and thus missionary was out but I could come in her mouth if I wanted? I joked that it takes me a while to get off on a blow job and she told she wasn't sucking my cock for an hour. I never asked her to. Then she got agitated again and said I didn't know what I wanted? I wanted sex but her leg was sore (she said) and so now she was going home and got up to get dressed. I thought wait a fecking minute here! Calmly I said, "I'm not being a dick but I paid you for 9 hrs", to which she replied, "I can go whenever I want and no one can stop me". I never suggested that I could? So she wants a cigarette now and I'm in a non smoking room so that's something else to bitch about now too. She gets dressed and says lets go downstairs and have a smoke and we'll come back up after. I knew this was bullshyte, that when she got dressed and had that cigarette that was going to be the end of the merry little evening. And it was. She asked me to stay with her until she got a taxi, I didn't argue with her anymore as I didn't want a scene outside the hotel and I got the feeling she was quite prepared to have one if I brought up the issue of not providing fair service for the money or a refund for the unfulfilled hours. I asked the hotel staff to call her a taxi and seen her safely off (this is about 1:45am), because I would do the same for any other woman, and I'd treated Electra with the same respect and courtesy I would any other woman too. But I was glad to see the back of her, if that was 'escorting' never again. I think if you pay 1-2hrs, and basically ask no more of Electra than pounding her through the mattress then I can see why you'd leave a happy customer. Anything more and you're not going to get your money's worth, but she will take that money. My ultimate feeling is being short changed - I could 4.5hrs for 9 paid. Oh, and Electra informed me she only does 8hrs for overnights despite was the duration stated on Diva says. Regardless I never got 8hrs either. She did check her phone after our first session so maybe she had another customer lined up? I don't know, I can only say I got ripped off and avoid her if looking for an actual 'escorting' service as she's totally unprofessional in all areas except the bedroom.
Recommendation: No - Do NOT Recommend
Reviewer return?: No
Reviewer: Mug
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