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Part 8 Being discreet

When you are a married man and you are about to visit an escort for the first time you need to consider the issue of lying your bloody head off to your partner while you do the dirty on her. It seems that some married men don't give a toss about this and seem to want to get caught in the act for whatever reason in which case they should take everything I say below and do the opposite. But for most of us we are trying to avoid humiliating our partners and having a sex life of sorts without causing a lot of people undue distress.

There are four key aspects to be considered to being discrete: the visit itself, the journey there, paying for the visit and sexual health.

I don't want to go into great detail about the sexual health aspects. There is a lot of misleading information out there and some web-sites will promote "theories" on the transmission of STIs rather than fact, especially hospitals and research facilities funded by religious groups. You need to consider if your health will be in danger, if there is a possibility that the disease will be passed on to your partner (especially in the case of permanent infections such as herpes), can you cover up the true cause (as you might be able to with "crabs" for example), how easily an STI can be cured before your partner gets to know about it. You must use a condom for penetrative sex, but for oral it is debatable - some say "yes, definitely" others say no. Consider if the girl you are going to visit is indulging in practices that may be unsafe (such as rimming or bareback). Visit the public health laboratory web-site at:

for detailed information.

When visiting an escort it is important to remember the maxim "never foul your own doorstep". It is important to remember that if you are seen in the wrong part of town at the wrong time (or your car is seen) then someone you know may start asking awkward questions or mention something to your partner. You may even bump into the working girl you visited when out shopping with the family -she is highly unlikely to say something but your heart will stop beating for a minute or so! Best to go to a place where you know no-one and no-one knows you, or a big city like London where you are unlikely to bump into someone that will recognise you (but take care at main stations!). Consider your journey to the escort - what will your excuse be for making that journey? I happen to travel with my job so that's easy for me. Take care when driving to the location - a parking or speeding ticket picked up in the wrong place may cause your lies to become unravelled - best to choose a girl that is on the route to wherever you are supposed to be. Take care of timings for the visit - the visit will probably add two hours+ to a journey that you will need to cover for. Make sure you leave no trace of your activities on your PC - websites like Punterlink often leave "cookies" on your PC as well as the link to the web-site being stored by the browser for future use - make sure you delete all instances. Create a false identity for yourself using a name in no way connected to you (make it easy to pronounce and spell and memorable - "Ryan" was a bad idea as the oriental girls have great difficulty with it! Best to avoid a name that is smutty too - being smutty puts some escorts off and you might not get the booking you wanted). An email address obtained through an easy to register site with no (real) personal details required such as Lycos is good. Consider getting a new mobile phone for the purpose - I use my work mobile phone so I need to hope that the accounts department won't check those numbers I have dialled! I prefer to make a provisional booking by email for this reason if I can. Bear in mind that if you get on the wrong side of an escort or an agency they will often hassle you by phone - could result in awkward questions. Watch out for "escorts" using premium rate numbers to rip off clients - especially if you use a work mobile.

Once you are with the escort be sure that the visit won't leave its mark. Most experienced escorts don't wear much make-up or perfume, but some mature escorts do like to wear some foundation. I like girls with dark skin and dark foundation makes a hell of a mess on a white cotton shirt! A long blonde hair on the back of your jacket will result in awkward questions. The experienced escort will warn you of this and check that no evidence remains of your encounter - but a quick visit to the toilets at the motorway services on the way home will help to ease any last minute worries (take your jacket and pullover off and check the back for hairs...). Consider the excuse that the blonde hair or perfume might have got there by above-board means - that old lady in purchasing for instance that likes to throw half a bottle of Chanel on herself of a morning. If you are very lucky the escort will actually lose the plot during the act and get really wild - but take care she doesn't bite or scratch you if she does - it has happened to me!

If you keep your money matters to yourself then you won't need to be concerned about being discrete with the financing of your new hobby, unless you are planning a three girl all-night orgy. If your wife opens your mail its a different matter. Taking £200 out of an autobank will raise questions - if caught you can say its for a secret birthday present for her but you'd better know what that is and have the money still to hand! Regular visits to escorts are expensive and even if you are well off they will make a big hole in your net disposable income - your partner is likely to notice the deficit if you "punt" too often. My preferred solution to this problem is to take money out as cashback when visiting a supermarket a few pounds at a time (my wife has been banned from all our local supermarkets thanks to her shop-lifting spree back in the bad old days) - consequently I don't "punt" that often, only once every 2 or 3 months. Hide the money away somewhere very safe (perhaps at work). Even after great care my wife has found my cash or taken the extra out of my wallet. Have your excuses ready!

If your wife is the kind that asks you if you have been faithful then remember how you reacted when you were being faithful and react the same way when she asks you again after you have been unfaithful. You are going to need to become a proficient liar! The lying and subterfuge are difficult to cope with. Is it worth it? Only if you sex drive is more than you can deal with without an outlet for it. You will find it easier after a couple of visits and easier still if you meet the same girl in the same location for subsequent visits.

Next instalment: My first time "Punt" - but I will be away for a few days so probably won't post until early next week.

Wiki Page created by:root on 23/07/2007 20:47:50
Wiki Page last updated by:root on 23/07/2007 20:47:50

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