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UK Escort Gallery 1

Part 10 My first punt continued

Well I think I have kept the ladies in suspense quite long enough and fortunately I have the chance to post again this morning!

If you remember from yesterday I was describing my first "punt" and had got to the point where I was standing outside the ladies door waiting for the door to be opened, wondering what might lie in wait for me and fearing the worst, but hoping for something better. I was expecting the lady behind the door to be normal, ordinary, perhaps business-like and distant in behaviour, but would she be? Perhaps something awful was waiting for me behind that door....

The door seemed to take an age before it was answered. Probably it was only a few seconds. I took a sharp intake of breath. What I saw when the door was opened shocked and surprised me.

So tempting to leave you in suspense again but I won't!

The door opened to reveal a startlingly attractive young Asian woman. Far more attractive than I had expected and seemingly younger too. But more astonishing than that was her figure. I had expected a girl with a rather ordinary figure, slim but nothing special. This girl was not like that - she had a curvaceous, womanly figure, with a narrow waist, broad hips but no broader than her shoulders, full breasts. She was petite but had nice legs, quite long in proportion to her body with the knee to ankle long and straight, accentuated by high-heels. The girl was wearing a tight fitting mini-dress revealing dark coffee-coloured skin on her legs and breasts. "Come-in" she said, flashing a smile at me, dazzling white teeth against the darkness of her skin. She was ultra-feminine and glided along in front of me like a cat. She was an Indian Marilyn Monroe, sexier than I had ever imagined possible. Sex on legs basically. It seemed I was alone with her.

"Are you nervous?" She said, smiling confidently.

"Very..." I replied

"Its OK, no need to be nervous with me!" she giggled "I won't bite!"

The thought flitted through my mind that I would quite like her to bite me, scratch me, scream "Oh God"..... But there was a problem. I had too many thoughts going around my head. "Why is this lovely girl working as an escort?" "Is this her flat? it looks more like a bachelor pad", "Is there someone behind that closed bedroom door?" "Can I relax enough to get an erection?". I needed to relax, but could I?

The girl took my jacket from me and I took the opportunity to remove the envelope with the cash from my pocket and handed it to her. "Your gift..." I said and she said a "Thank you" and took it away with her. She returned with a drink and we sat on the sofa in the living room.

The flat was very nice inside. Very tastefully decorated and furnished with a nice TV and Hi-Fi, quite a contrast to the scene outside and betraying a keen sense of style. The girl's heels clicked across the laminate floor as she walked - something sexy about that sound. She began to tell me about her family, about the trouble she was having with abusive phone callers, about her friends. She even told me her real name. "Hold on a minute" I thought "This isn't right surely, this is more like a blind date than sex for money! Doesn't she just lie on a bed staring at the ceiling thinking about shopping at Monsoon while I fuck her? How can she have a family? Don't these girls just come from care-homes?" - but she was nothing like that. She was normal, everyday, well-balanced, sweet, cute, very feminine, lovely. The kind of girl I would have gladly taken home to meet my Mum and Dad, my friends. The kind of girl you marry and have loads of kids with, not the kind of girl you might imagine paying to have sex with.

I was so glad for the chat - I needed time to calm down, to relax. We chatted like this for 10 minutes or so, the girl wriggling her body on the sofa right up next to me, combing her lush dark hair back with her hands - using all her body-language skills, so cute, so feminine, so sexy. She knew exactly what she was doing, I was in the company of an expert. I was ready to fuck her now, I had the hots for her, though I sensed I was probably not her type. She gave the impression of preferring night-clubs to country pubs, Ibiza to Vienna, muscle-men to graduates. Then she did something that I have seen a few other escorts do, just a little something I love, that really turns me on - she put her closest hand on my leg, just above the knee with the finger-tips on the inside of my thigh. It was only there for a moment, but the body language said "Its OK, its coming, I know what I am doing, I am comfortable with what I do and we are going to have a great time together...". She smiled. After that little touch I was impatient for more, my nerves had eased. The hormones had reached my groin and my cock was telling me it was ready as soon as I was. She could sense that I was getting impatient and after a little more chat she led me through to the bedroom....

Next installment: My First "Punt" continued again!

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