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Elaine - passionate, ambitious, energetic and adventurous young lady - Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 642 657 686

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UK Escort Gallery 1

Part 16 A fantastic experience

After the duo date I had a couple of escort experiences that were a bit so-so. Basically the problem was that I wasn't meeting women that I found attractive, apart from the first escort I met who didn't quite match up with my expectations of service (i.e. no full-on French kissing). Having sex with women that were older than me, or less fit, or not particularly attractive was an eye-opener in as much as I was enjoying the sex with women I would not normally look twice at, but at the same time it was leaving me with a bitter after-taste. There is something exciting about having sex with a complete stranger chosen in effect at random but at the same time it seemed a little unfulfilling. Punters often wonder what it must be like for an escort to have sex with a man they are not attracted to, but often us punters find ourselves in that very same position - and we are the ones paying for it! I decided to choose someone more carefully this time based on looks as well as service.

It is difficult to find attractive women in the South-East outside of London and when you do they normally charge a great deal. The London market sucks up the best girls so if you want to book an attractive escort the great metropolis is the place to go. An advantage is that most of the girls working in London have web-sites where their face is shown. At about this time there was an escort web-site that was showing video-clips of London escorts in their home environment (no longer operating). This had a few clips of girls that really excelled on video and one of these was a Brazilian girl. I had seen her advertising before - she had been on the London scene for some years - but hadn't thought that much of her, but on video she really shone.

The lady in question had a real glint in her eye with a kittenish, cheeky smile but at the same time she could turn on a smouldering sultry look when she needed to as she strode purposefully towards the camera. "Oh God," I thought "She is dangerously sexy". So, given that the girl had several excellent reviews and a great video I made a booking. The booking was by email and she surprised me by giving me her address details right away. I asked her if she thought this was wise but she told me she knew how to tell good from bad clients with absolute accuracy so never had any problems. I liked the way she communicated by email - she was friendly and jokey. There was no need for me to phone to confirm - she seemed to know with certainty I would be there.

The lady was based in Bayswater so I knew I was going upmarket in terms of location at least! Unfortunately there was also an upmarket price tage of £200 for the hour - but since she charged only £100 for the second hour it made a lot of sense to make a 2 hour booking.

Once again I booked the afternoon as vacation but told my wife I was visiting a customer. I drove into London and parked in Hammersmith (Hammersmith is just outside the congestion charging zone and car-parking is only 80p per hour), then took the tube to Bayswater. It easy to get to from Hammersmith by tube but you have to change trains at Earls Court, fighting your way through hordes of East European escorts!

The location in Bayswater was nice. Lots of huge Edwardian houses that have been split down into flats. I had to struggle up a few flights of stairs with my cases (I didn't dare to leave them in the car) to the flat. Once again I found myself outside a girls flat with nervous anticipation of what may be behind the door, but this time it was more excitement than fear. This girl had been working the London scene for some time and flats in this part of Bayswater were not cheap - clearly she had some very happy clients out there and I was expecting to soon be one of them! I heard a girls lisping Spanish voice and the door was unbolted and opened.

A lady popped her head around the door. It was undoubtedly the same girl as from the video but not as devastatingly attractive. She invited me in and sat me on the sofa then shuffled about in slippers and a shapeless multi-coloured dressing gown. She looked like she hadn't bothered much about her appearance and had a "here we go again" attitude about her. She sat on the sofa and we chatted for while. Quite a long while actually. It occurred to me that an appointment twice as long as usual meant twice as much chat too. The flat was very nice and though small was upmarket and definitely the best I had visited. The girl was attractive, too, although not as stunning as I had imagined from the video - she had cute cheeks I justed wanted to squeeze (bet she would have freaked if I had). She had claimed to be 28 but admitted to being 38, although she did look closer to the younger age. I considered she had a rather podgy body under the shapeless dressing-gown and felt dissappointed and perhaps a bit cheated. She had the rather languid, relaxed air of someone that had come from a wealthy background. I couldn't make up my mind whether her Hispanic lisp made her sound cute or retarded.

Eventually we made our way upstairs to the rather untidy gallery bedroom, which had a ridiculously low ceiling. We stretched a clean sheet over the bed together then the girl slipped on some see-through heels. She adopted a more sultry look and strode over to me purposefully letting her dressing-gown slip gently to the floor, and what I saw left my jaw on the floor and my eyes popping out of my head on stalks.

Next installment: A Fantastic experience continued

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