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Melodie Rouge - Exclusive, personal, private, and discreet Companion - (646) 457-4045

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UK Escort Gallery 1


There are a couple of ways of finding websites, and Google is the first. Try searching “escort location” (where location is where you want one) and follow up from there. You will probably come up with lots of referral sites, so follow them through and you will eventually find yourself looking at an actual escort site. Or you could just head straight for the best listing sites (there may be a list of these at the end, or there may not……Punterlink???)

Normally a man will go straight for the gallery, and if the pictures don’t appeal you’ll move on. OK, that’s fine, but you might be missing out. For a start you will notice that some escorts don’t show their faces. This is usually for a very good reason, and should not put you off. It means for various reasons they do not want to be identifiable from their websites, not that they are ugly.

Next you will probably head for the “rates” or “services” pages. One may tell you that you can’t afford the lady in question, the other may tell you she doesn’t offer what you want (incall, GFE, OWO or whatever). If she’s passed so far then there are a few other things to keep at the back of your mind.

This guide is mainly for punting related to independent escorts; regarding agency girls, the rules vary. Generally speaking, you won’t get to communicate with the girl herself before meeting her, for some people this is a minus point. But there are a few agency owners may allow this. And be aware of some fake agencies who have stunning supermodels’ photos on their site pretending to be their girls, and charge very little. Then after you booked the appointment, they either send a different girl (bait and switch) or do a run with the money (if you had to pay some kind of deposit). Remember, if it looks too good to be true then it normally is too good to be true.

You will find that a lot of escort web sites look very similar. That’s because they are. Many sites are designed by the same people and offered as a standard template. Don’t let this put you off. 69 design for instance run a lot of sites, and the Ladies are genuine independents. However there are some sites out there for Ladies claiming to be independent, when in fact they are working for a house or a parlour. This is a difficult area, but there are warning signs. The main one comes when you try and make contact. If you call, get no answer, but then get a text back immediately saying something like “can’t talk, but what can I do for you”, the chances are you are talking to a maid or a pimp. By all means make an appointment, you might get it, but I have been burned a couple of times, and would now never book a lady I hadn’t actually talked to in person. The same girls providing links to each other in a sort of circle is also a sign they may not be as independent as they seem. In one of the two cities I punt in regularly there are a couple of set ups like this. One has never given me anything but pleasure; the other has given me pleasure and grief.

If however the Lady has passed the web site test, and you are still interested, then read THE WHOLE of her site and pay special attention to her clients’ etiquettes. Don’t think of it as revising for an exam, it’s more important than that. Ask a question that has already been answered on the site and you will not be off to a good start. Let’s be honest, an escort site rarely has more than a few pages (home, about, gallery, rates, services, contact is about the norm), I know I’ve built them, so it shouldn’t be that hard.

AW ( This site needs a section to itself, though whether it will appear or not I don’t know.
I’m not sure how long this site has been up, but it has shaken the escort world up a bit. It offers listing and various other services to advertisers, as well as the facility to sell things like explicit pictures, web cam services and phone sex. There’s a part of this industry which will have nothing to do with it. On the other hand many respected independents also advertise here. Part of the problem seems to be that there are ladies on the site who offer “bare back” sex (see “health”), but then there are other sites that do the same.

Helenmc69 summed up the pros and cons like this:

“I've been on AW for more than a year, the same time on Plink.
I agree with many of the points made for and against it.

1. Advertising bare back.
2. That anyone can set up a profile anon.
3. So profiles may not be genuine - but pictures of ex girlfriends (put up) by disgruntled boyfriends on vendetta.
4. Anon free profiles makes various scams easy - many have been identified in the plink warnings forum
5. Free advertising attracts women who just need to earn, say £100 - not an on going business.
6. If you look at the site regularly profiles appear and disappear within weeks or days!
7. Very low, street walker, drug taker, low intelligence type of site - read the blogs/profiles - if you can even understand them for lack of spelling, grammar, etc!
As such I think a lot of the site gives a very poor impression of women and especially of women who do this sort of thing.
8. Much of it seems degrading - extremes of what women will allow a man to do to her, or buy phones of her in very degrading situations, or book to see a mother and daughter together, and lots of girls say they are just 18! look really young – very, very nasty.

(Note - I'm broadminded enough to not mind if people are into Poo - for example - but I don't like to see people playing with that sort of thing as if it is a 'normal' service - there should be some specialist site that those people go to!)

1. Incredibly easy to use, either to look for a WG or to set up and change your details.
2. What a brilliant money making machine it must be for the owners! They take 30% of all that you spend on AW credits. For the WG to get her 70% there is a potentially a huge time lag. Which just helps the AW cash flow.
3. Punters search by postcode or region or county - is fantastic for those of us who are not in a major town
4. All services are listed - which can help a punter find someone who can offer something special - e.g. uniforms - without having to make lots of calls.
5. Equally a punter can avoid those WG who clearly offer things he does not want, finds distasteful (- e.g. BB).

It is very down market and those who feel they know me from my regular contributions here and on the blog may be surprised to hear that, like Jen, I do very well out of AW.
I see really nice gents - like yourselves.
Also, I do NOT get loads of email - I get hardly any email from AW and no-one from there has ever asked me for BB.

How can this be - marketing - in my opinion.
My profile is very detailed and specific.
So the fools don't waste my time but the nice/right guys can find me.

There are some 160 ladies on AW in Kent.
So I always ask how they came to see me.
Answer - AGE is always first. They didn't want to see a young girl.
Then it is what I say about myself, in contrast to they way most present themselves on there.

I must stress LOCATION is probably a large part of the issue.
It works for me and my clients.
However, in a large city it may not be so easy for a WG to stand out, or for a man to find what he wants.”

Wiki Page created by:MeiYi on 31/07/2007 20:55:52
Wiki Page last updated by:MeiYi on 31/07/2007 20:55:52

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